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Transfer Station Rules and Regulations

Revised 7-11-11; Updated 10-28-14

A sticker must be affixed to vehicle (purchase from Transfer Station, Public Works office - $10.00 annually).
Bulky waste and metal must be separated.  
All loads must be secured.  All children must remain in vehicles at all times.
No garbage/trash accepted at Transfer Station. No corrugated cardboard, newspapers, glass bottled, recyclable plastics
No stumps, no dirt, no grass clippings.
No hazardous materials; no junk motor vehicles, no radioactive materials, no chemical storage drums.
Individual motor parts or automobile body parts accepted.  These parts must not contain any hazardous materials (gas, oil, antifreeze, etc.).  No antifreeze accepted (must be taken to Household Hazardous Waste Collection site).  No scrap construction materials.  No contractor/construction/demolition materials will be accepted.  Homeowners are to hire a private hauler to remove debris from their site.  
Leaves must be emptied from plastic bags.  There is no disposal of the plastic bags at the Transfer Station.
Tires must be put in the tire container.
Used motor oil must be in one (1) gallon plastic containers.  Tops must be secure.  Maximum four (4) gallons per visit.
Large loads of roofing materials/shingles will not be accepted (i.e., repair debris only, not debris from a re-roof job).
Drums will be accepted; tops must be removed (clean – no chemicals or residue).
Tree limbs must not exceed 4’ lengths, no diameters greater than 4”
Dumping items while Transfer Station is closed is prohibited by Ordinance.  No parking is allowed inside the gates.
Car batteries must not be broken or leaking. Car batteries are not to be removed from the Transfer Station by anyone other than Town Employee(s) or Town-hired vendor(s).
Appliances containing CFC, HCFC, Freon (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.) will not be accepted without proof of evacuation.  Certification must include item’s serial number and signature of evacuator.

     Transfer Station Tip Fees - Effective 7-1-11

Tires up to 19" in Diameter
$5 each
Tires 20" and over
$10 each
Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers, Dryers
No Charge
AC and all other appliances (items w/refrigerant must have evacuation sticker)
No Charge
Scrap Metal
No Charge
Propane Tanks w/o valves
Stuffed Chairs
$5 each
$30 each
Bulky Waste and Demo
Pickup short bed, Mini-Van
$20 load
Pickup long bed, Van
Dump truck
No Charge
Pickup short bed, Mini-Van
Pickup long bed, Van
Dump truck all sizes
No Charge
Pickup, Trailer, Van, Dump Truck (all loads must be covered)
Used Motor Oil
No Charge
No Charge

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