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Emergency Services Frequently Asked Questions
Fire Marshal
The Fire Marshal is pleased to provide these answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many smoke detectors are required in a house?

A. Smoke detectors, powered by the building's electrical system, and interconnected each to the others, are required in all sleeping rooms and in the immediate vicinity outside each sleeping area, and on each additional story of the dwelling unit, including the basement.

Q. Can anything be done about one junk car on a property?

A. More than one unregistered motor vehicle or parts thereof on a property is in violation of Section 11.1 of East Hampton Zoning Regulations. One junk car is not subject to our regulations.

Q. What and how am I allowed to burn?

A. An Open Burning Permit to burn brush may be obtained at no charge from the Fire Marshal.~ The permit must be available onsite during the time the burning is underway.~

Verbal permits are not valid.

Burning is allowed when all of the following requirements are met:

1.  Burning must take place on the property of the permitted person's residence (not a residence under construction or clearing for construction).
2.  "Brush" meaning shrubs, vegetation or prunings not larger that 3" in diameter may be burned.
3.  Compliance with all written requirements of the permit is practiced.

Cooking fires and campfires do not require a burning permit.
Burning garbage, paper, leaves, metals, plastics, rubber, or demolition waster is not permitted.

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